I’m wrapping up a project long in the making. I’ve finally acquired site hosting. In the future, please visit the newly-improved website for all content, including this blog. I’m currently in the process of importing the content from my old portfolio site to the new digs, expect this to be complete by the end of […]

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Artist’s Statement

When I was building my portfolio site for the B.F.A. program application back in October, I had to write my first full Artist’s Statement. I meant to post it here for posterity, but the application deadline and midterms thwarted me. I’m posting it here, because I feel it’s important to document it on this blog. […]

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I am a Chicago-based interaction designer, game developer, writer, and new media artist. My work and interests cover a wide range of topics in digital and experimental media, including responsive environments, play spaces, virtual and augmented reality, sacred computing, interactive narrative, the cultural and interpersonal impact of technology, and programming syntax as a literary device.