Gallery Showing: Eschatology/APOCALYPSE

The Interactive Arts and Media Department at Columbia College Chicago is hosting a new exhibit called Eschatology/APOCALYPSE. As part of this year’s Critical Encounters theme, “Fact and Faith”,

Eschatology/APOCALYPSE will be an exhibition dealing with the issues of technology and the end of time. Often depicted in video games, science fiction and popular culture the fantasy of the end of the world arises either as a direct cause of technology, aided by technology or uses advances to depict these prophecies to us on a more direct level.

The exhibit will feature an installation piece I worked on with Laura Thompson called “Faces of Death.”

Humans have always struggled to come to grips with their own mortality. Many works of art and literature have been produced throughout history depicting our desire to challenge death’s inevitability- and the tragic outcomes that follow.  The apocalypse is a magnification of this struggle, as it represents not only the death of our mortal incarnations, but our families, our legacy, and the very world we call home. It’s a Total Death, and a condition all the more trying to confront. This piece encourages people to face that fear. Our project, written in Processing 1.0.5, parses live video from a webcam and renders it to the screen. The image is altered to make guests standing in front of the camera appear ghastly and corpse-like. The intention is to bring guests face to face- literally- with their own mortality.

Eschatology/APOCALYPSE runs Thursday, October 27th, until Monday, November 30th.  The exhibit opening is this Thursday from 4pm-7pm at The Project Rm.- 916 S. Wabash, Room 111. For more information, email me.


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