My latest project, #colorwall, will be shown tonight at the premiere of CURRENTS.

CURRENTS features course projects from students enrolled in Terence Hannum’s course Installation, Curation and Exhibition of New Media. Work will include interactive art, network based art that is shared across internet, social media and mobile platforms, obsolete media, and feature students innovative approaches for the curation and exhibition of new media.

My project, #colorwall, was developed using Processing and the Twitter API. The application displays a solid color on a wall in the gallery. Guests can change the color using Twitter. Anyone with a Twitter account can send a Tweet consisting of the hashtag: #colorwall, and a color value in hexadecimal format. Within seconds, the color changes.

From the wall label:

The emergence of digital media, and in particular online social media, has spurred a redefinition of physical space and how we interact with it. Curiously, digital media has created a situation where people can influence and act upon a physical space- and thus, by extension, the people within that space- without being in the space themselves. This piece explores that idea by opening up some of the aesthetic traits of a space- namely, the color of a part of a wall- to input from users of an online social media service. The ability for participants to use Twitter to cause change to a physical environment raises questions about agency and the true nature of physical space.

Due to technical difficulties, I will not be able to configure a live stream showing the exhibit. I am, however, working on a further iteration of this project, which will most definitely feature a live video feed.

CURRENTS opens tonight a 6pm and runs through January 28th. The exhibit is being held in the Interactive Arts + Media Project Rm. at Columbia College Chicago– 916 S. Wabash, Rm. 110. The exhibit is free and open to the public.


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